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Human Resources Policy and Principles

As Teknokon Human Resources, our policy is;

To create an effective and motivated organization with educated and experienced staff whose goals are to create perfection and continuous improvement at work, through creating work satisfaction with the application of proactive Human Resources applications, which in turn would serve to create staff that adopts corporate culture, and performs high work quality with high capacity and feels indispensable.

We have adopted a work and communications method that is coherent, solution-oriented, fair, open for sharing, transparent, reliable and which creates equal opportunities, values confidentiality and counsel, and that evaluates all decisions and application results.

Career Opportunities

Manpower planning takes place in the beginning of each year, taking the future year’s plans, prospects and projects into consideration.

Recruitment is performed in accordance with the needs determined in manpower planning and the timing of the need and the characteristics of the position.

There are various career paths that are different from each other due to the organizational structure of our company and the difference in job definitions.

These career paths are created taking many things into consideration, including the differences in duty, responsibility and the required skills and qualifications for each job.

Career levels are differentiated and detailed in accordance with human resources systems such as the needs of the company head office, factory or branch offices, and the level of responsibility and, compensation systems.

In addition, recruitment of disabled people, ex-convicts and terror wounded citizens are performed in accordance with the legal and managerial regulations.

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In order for us to provide perfect service for our customers, to lead the industry in terms of quality and to follow innovations and developments in the industry, we have no other way but to provide an efficient training for our staff.

Therefore all our staff goes through training programmes that are developed for their related expertise fields and that have been developed using external resources, if necessary.

Programmes, whose content differs according to related tasks, and required technical skills, are provided for all the employees at all stages.

Full confidence in all our services that meet customers expectations