Quality in TEKNOKON is considered as performance superiority as to ensure full compliance with customer expectations, whereas customer satisfaction is taken as basis.

TEKNOKON quality policy is:

“We must make sure that all of our services meet the expectations of our customers.”

Teknokon Group companies, within the context of ISO 9001 quality management system, adopt and implement quality understanding in all administration levels.

Quality objectives and performance parameters are detected, monitored and evaluated in order to establish continuous development and improvement.


  • Provide 100% customer satisfaction
  • Provide a quality standart that meets with customer expectation
  • Improve the motivation of employees


  • Quality is supported and appreciated at all level of management
  • Quality standart and procedures are formed for all fields of job
  • Quality targets are determined and these targets are used to award employees
  • Trainings at all levels are provided, and participation of employees are encouraged
  • Participation of all employees and strengthening of teamwork are supported by management

Full confidence in all our services that meet customers expectations